About Jo

I was born and raised at Toronto, a small town on the shores of Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia, and have lived in Charlestown since I fell in love, got married and raised my four children. 
I've always been creative and interested in art and design. My main interest is jewellery, but I also sew and create clothing, bags, home furnishings and adornments. It started off as a hobby, quickly turned into an obsession and now I am lucky enough to be able to sell my creations as a profession. I started selling at local markets and had a shop and art gallery for many years, and have now ventured into the world of online selling! I still enjoy having a spot at markets as I love the atmosphere and seeing the pleasure on people's faces when they talk and shop at my stall. 
I like to include fabric, lace, buttons, "found" and recycled items in my designs - often the piece "tells a story" which I find a lot of my customers really enjoy.
I love the sea and my jewellery has a strong "water element" influence as I use a lot of natural pearls, shells, beach, turtle and other sea creature themed items. I love to walk the beach and pick up shells and bits of driftwood which I use in my designs and home adornments.
I also specialise in bridal and special occasion jewellery where I design pieces to suit the wearer's style and personality and it gives me great pleasure to receive photos of the girls all dressed up and happy on their special day.

I am grateful I have had such a career doing what I really enjoy - making beautiful things and being creative.